Stop dating bad boys

Well, I survived another Valentine’s Day as a bachelor. And yeah, it can be tough when you are single on a holiday that glorifies the convention of a relationship, especially when you check your Facebook page (like you do every morning) and every single post is dripping with sticky sweet words of love and affection.

I guess that I find it a little bit uncomfortable, because even though I might SAY that I don’t really care, there is a part of me that is a little bit jealous. I’m not really sure why, but I have become the guy that women talk to AFTER they have been treated like crap by the loser they chose to date INSTEAD of me.

It’s a paradox that has been confusing men for centuries. If you ask a woman “What are you looking for in a man?” they will give you a long and carefully thought out list of qualities that they desire in their perfect guy…

“I want a man who will love me, respect me, be there for me, and support my dreams. I want a man who is loyal, and someone who will make me a priority.”

Sounds awesome, right? So explain to me why soooo many women will walk right PAST that guy to date The Player, The Rebel, The Bad Boy, or The Jerk?    Whenever a woman comes crying to me and asks me, “Why is he treating me like this? Why is he being so mean?” I always respond with, “Do you really want to know? Because I know the answer…. It’s because you LET him.”

Ladies, listen closely…. If a man treats you badly…..
and you keep going back to him….
he has absolutely no reason to change his behavior.

And no amount of love or sex will change that. It is extremely painful for me to watch good women stay in bad relationships because they think that if they just keep loving him, he will eventually see what he has been doing wrong, he will appreciate what a wonderful woman he has, and he will love her like he did when they first started dating. Well I’ve got news for you. Those things only happen in Nicholas Sparks books.
It is a sad fact, but if you date a “bad boy”, you’re going to GET a bad boy. And very few people will feel sorry for you when your “bad boy” treats you badly.

I know that this isn’t the happiest blog in the world, especially on the day after Valentine’s Day, but women need to know that there ARE good men out there who will love and appreciate all of the attention that you are giving to your “bad boy.”

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