Scott is not a snow lover

The weather forecast for this weekend calls for sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s. And most people are happy about that. Most people. But there is a strange breed of human that is more excited about the forecast than most….. We call them “Snow Lovers.”

The forecast for next week shows that there is a CHANCE of snow in Central Kansas on Monday night and Tuesday.

Now, I am not bothered so much by the snow. I mean, it IS winter time in Kansas and I have definitely lived through my share of Kansas snow storms. But I am always baffled by the number of people who get super excited about snow. They jump up and down, and plaster their love for the frozen cold stuff all over social media. Their heads are filled with memories of building snow men and sledding down their favorite hill when they were a child.

Don’t get me wrong…. I love sledding just as much as the next person. But my love for racing down a frozen hill on a cheap piece of plastic (that should come with about 10 warning labels), is greatly out-weighed by my hatred of spending countless back-breaking hours shoveling the stuff off of drive ways and sidewalks.

And another thing that I have never been able to understand, is why Snow Lovers feel the need to post 20 pictures of the snow in their backyard to social media. Each picture, looking exactly like the next, taken through the window of their kitchen. It’s snow. Unless you see a unicorn building a snowman with a polar bear in your backyard, I really don’t understand why you need to take a picture?

Enjoy the snow everybody. I will be over here eating a big bowl of chili with cheese and corn chips.

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